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We all need an energy boost in February
We all need an energy boost in February

Need a boost?

Kick start your health goals with the 3 month tummy saver with a free bottle of liquid vitamin B-12. This will help combat the temptation to just hibernate instead of sticking to your goals

Energize Me

Sometimes we need a boost
Sometimes we need a boost

Help for Winter

When it is dark and cold - motivation to do anything is in short supply. Our Liquid Vitamin B-12 can help you to get going and tackle your list.

Boost for Winter

CLA is the Key

CLA helps with your metabolism and building muscle. Make CLA a part of your health regime today.


So Many Choices

Give us a call if you are unsure of which Gentle Solutions product will work best for your situation. We love to answer your questions, so let's talk.

Here it comes again!

Yep, it is all around us and it seems inevitable that we will get sick. Immune Support can boost your immunity and help your body defend against and bounce back from colds and flu.

Immune Support

Use your time wisely

It is SO EASY to just hunker down in winter . . . but use your time wisely and keep moving toward those goals because the spring (and spring break) is coming.

Get Going

Dear Tricia:
Dear Tricia:
Our customer's questions can help you too.
How Do I Begin?
How Do I Begin?
Being Realistic
Gentle Solutions Stories
Gentle Solutions Stories
Our customer's experiences

Gentle Solutions Stories

Do not be intimidated

Have you tried strength training? It is not complicated. Pick up a pair of 5, 8, or 10 pound weights (no big investment in a whole set of weights). There are so many health benefits - check out the article below - plus you can do a series of lifting exercises while watching your favorite show or a quick workout when you do not have time for a full blown work out (especially when the weather gets bad). There are loads of strength training plans on Pinterest. I think you will be surprised by the results.

Benefits of Strength Training

Needle Not Moving?

Jenna, had lost 23 lbs with diet and exercise… she called me and had 13 more pounds to go but had been stuck for a month. She said if I cut anything else out, why am I living?! What’s the point??!! So we did the tummy saver and in the next 4 weeks she reached her pant size goal and 13 pounds off! And she changed nothing else. Just stuck to her already healthy eating habits and exercise routine.

No more Plateau

Encouraged by Chris at Q102

I’m former military and currently a volunteer firefighter. I noticed when I left the service how hard it was to maintain my physique. I basically gave up and let myself go. Then I heard Chris Mitchell talking about these products and decided to give it a try. I only use the AM and PM formulas but I can tell you it has changed my outlook! I have gone from 195 to 145! I am very pleased. ~Dan

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